Formed View @ Hackney WickED Festival

Show Description

Formed View investigates politics of perception of the moving figure through different kinds of improvisation. It is a collaborative research piece in which the body operates as a performance site and an object of observation, a piece “looking into how the body gives us signs that we both can and cannot read, how the moving body can operate in registers defying expectations” as the artist himself puts it.


Installation by
Christopher Matthews

Lyle Wheeler

Movement Practitioner
James Haswell D’Arcy

Sally McKay

BELLYFLOP Magazine Writers
Alexandrina Hemsley
Jamila Johnson-Small
Charlotte Ashwell

Series Producer for Hackney Live
Seb White

Gallery Director
Peter Linnemann

Held at the Arbeit Gallery

Arbeit Gallery:
Hajni Semsei
Nimrod Vardi
Dominic Simpson

Web development & Social media production
Forward Create

Hackney Council
Commissioner & Executive Producer – Petra Roberts
Cultural Development Team

With special thanks to Hackney WICKed Festival, Arbeit Gallery, Forward Create and Kinura.

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