Hackney One Carnival

On Sunday 15 September, 3-4pm, online audiences across the world logged on to view the live broadcast of the Hackney One Carnival parade passing by at Hackney Town Hall.

The live stream was watched by audiences that were not able to come to the carnival – breaking down the physical and social barriers that can prevent people from taking part in arts and culture.

Online audiences from not only the UK, but also the US, Trinidad and Tobago, Kenya, Brazil, South Africa, Germany and United Arab Emirates took part in the global chatroom that took place on the Hackney Live platform as part of the streaming on Sunday.

Pax Nindi who is an International Carnival expert and regular BBC Radio London’s guest presenter for the annual Notting Hill Carnival Live broadcast conducted live interviews with members of the passing floats as the parade arrived at the Town Hall square for the judges.

The livestream was managed by the Hackney Live partnership (hackneylive@hackney.gov.uk). Hackney One Carnival was funded by Hackney Council and delivered by Shabaka Thompson and his team at De Core and Peoples World.